$300 off coupon for Warrior Trading starter package

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Acclaimed day-trading service Warrior Trading is offering a $300 discount coupon for its starter package.  The package includes:

  • starter course with 15 chapters of content
  • live trading chat room
  • limited access to scanners and news feeds
  • optional add-on paper trading simulator

Warrior Trading focuses on short-term scalping in liquid and momentum stocks.  These educational videos provide a good background on how the system works, so you can see if it is right for you:

The starter course covers these topics:

Chapter 1: Becoming a Day Trader

Chapter 2: Picking Stocks for Day Trading

Part 1: Popular Financial Instruments for Day Trading

Part 2: Long-vs. Short-Selling

Part 3: What Makes a Strong Stock?

Chapter 3: Account Types

Part 1: Different Account Types for Traders

Part 2: Choosing a Broker and Opening an Account

Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 5: Technical Analysis

Part 1: Chart Types & Time Frames

Part 2: Candlesticks

Part 3: Support & Resistance

Part 4: Gaps & “Windows” on Daily Charts

Part 5: Our Favorite Multi-Candle Chart Patterns

Part 6: Popular Technical Indicators

Part 7: Understanding What Makes a Strong or Weak Daily Chart

Part 8: Setting Up Your Charts

Chapter 6: Trading Platform Walk-Through – 

Account Information, Balances, Buying Power, Positions Window, Open & Closed Orders Window

Chapter 7: Order Entry Window – Popular Order Types

Chapter 8: Level 1 Market Depth & Order Entry

Chapter 9: Level 2 Market Depth & Hot Keys

Part 1: Understanding Level 2

Part 2: Hot Keys & Hot Buttons

Chapter 10: Time & Sales AKA The Tape

Chapter 11: Stock Halts

Chapter 12: Scanning 101

Chapter 13: Preparing to Sim Trade

Part 1: Understanding Risk

Part 2: Reviewing Your Trades

Chapter 14: The Psychology of Trading

Introduction: 50% Skill, 50% Mental

Part 1: Recognizing & Understanding Emotions in Trading

Part 2: Stages of Learning to Trade

Part 3: Strategies to Support Your Best Trading

Part 4: Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Chapter 15: Day Trading as a Business, The Learning Path & What’s Next

Part 1: Spend 3 Months Sim Trading & Treating It Like Real Money

Part 2: The Warrior Learning Path

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